A Kuwadzana Christmas

A Christmas in Kuwadzana

A Kuwadzana Christmas

by The Lonely Guy

I met her via social media and we kicked it from there. The vibe was real but I was scared to ask her out. I wanted to be a real gentleman so i had planned to ask her out on a date and tell her how I really feel. She was at high school in Harare and I was staying in Chinhoyi those day so we both agreed to meet on the holidays when we will both be free.

I visited my aunt in Hatcliffe to get close to her ghetto since I was on a mission to win the girl that I had grown to love over the phone. We were supposed to meet up three days before Christmas but she got busy at home. She apologized and then invited me for Christmas instead. "You can come over on Christmas day, my family is dying to meet you."Talk about green lights right ha ha.

I was super hyped. Chirauro ndandakanda iye aka kabira. Let it be known, I was the sweet type. I would write her poems almost every day, call to check up on her twice or thrice a day just to make her happy. She was just easy to love.

25 December I boarded a Kombi to Kuwadzana. I wore my black suit which was my best outfit. I felt fresh ndati. Road yese ndaingonzi Chibabaaaaba. Aiwa gents, ndandaka planner ku impressor. I arrived paye and she was as beautiful as in the pictures. We had fun that day, everyone was so friendly and the family super nice. I was introduced to the mainini and everyone present and they all seemed to love me. Ini ndakati manyemwe hello! ndokubuditsa all the money I had ndikati buy more drinks Mainini. Plus ndaitsvaga ma marks.

Ndakadetembwa and I nyatso felt like the man of the moment. The girl held my hand all the time and the feeling was amazing. She wore perfectly into my arms as if she was meant for them. You won't understand it, zvoda vakambopinda murudo izvi.

Fast forward, it was at around 9 and the girl took me outside she had something she wanted to tell me. My heart told me "she picked up the rhythm we now dancing to the same song" but brain dzakanditi "dzikamira ma sports" but what does the brain know? These are matters of the heart. So I told her that I would want to speak first. I told her exactly how i felt about her and she would blush at every word that came out of my mouth.

I was honestly expecting a hug or a passionate kiss but naaah she chose to park a whole cargo train on my lil pink heart. "Sha! My whole family thinks unomamikisa zvisingaite. Ndatonzi udza shamwari yako kuti ichienda kumba cause hazvichaita. Besides, why would you come wearing semunhu akunochera guva."

Confusion choked me. I was left dumb struck. I didnt know where I had gone wrong to be honest. I thought she loved me and saw me the same way I saw her, after everything I had done this is how I was treated.

I went to the kombis ndichisiririsa. I was lucky the conductor felt bad for me akanditakura mahara because I had exhausted my funds on her family. Ever since that day handisati ndasvikako Kuwadzana. Handichadi kune mhepo.