Am Not Perfect But Don't Judge Me

Am Not Perfect But Don't Judge Me

Munoziva nyaya imwe so okay to be specific song "ndakabva naye kure-kure kwamurambinda." Ofcoz you do but you don't know the end that is why you have a picture of people dancing to the song whenever you hear it. 

Yes I believe in true love you might ask why though I'm heartbroken. I met this girl 2 years ago after I have been given her number by a friend. She wasn't perfect her history was horrible but I just felt like this is the one for me. I have always wanted to settle and she became a shoulder to lean on, how cute. 

Do not judge me "moyo muti unomera paunoda." The girl was living na stepmother so vaimubata rough. I became the parent clothing her, feeding her and went on to an extend of lodging a room for her yet taking care of all the bills. I was in love don't judge me ndanga ndakanyura murudo nemoyo wese. I made sacrifices guys ndakatombo spender all of my pay on her and lied to my parents that this month we haven't received any. 

I was in love, don't judge me, ndikazvifunga ndotanga kuzviseka but I'm very heartbroken. She then wrote her second year semester exams and went for a holiday to her real mom in SA and that's when everything got twisted. Results came as expected, her mom suggested that she does the rest of her schooling in SA.

Ndakatomboita ma hopes ekuti she will come back for me but she is now taking 2 or 3 hours to reply me.Apa ndichimuona ari online hake .Even ma calls angu haachadaire .I guess I should just close the chapter, she is gone.