C Tox Drops New Single 'Ngeke'

C Tox Drops New Single 'Ngeke'

Clement Halson, stage name C-Tox is a Hwange born but Bulawayo based artist. He started his music career back in 2012-13. Eminem as his muse, made much influence on him to venture into the music industry as a hiphop/rap & RnB artist. At first he used to mimic what his muse does when he raps but as time went on he created a platform that suited him best in the way he Raps.

He is versatile or multi talented artist that can just jump on any beat depending on the vibe and mood of the rhythm.Besides being a hiphop artist,he is also an Afro pop fan too.To date he has released about 6 singles dating from 2017-19 that people can check out on his soundcloud page. 

He recently released a single titled "Ngeke" ft KING ZERON, where he talks about an artist's journey and people's opinions on his craft and life.

He collaborated with a few local artists, the likes of Maestro IV, RickieZW, WillieGatesAfricca(Producer) just to mention a fewer than the few haha.2021 C-Tox is looking forward to more of international collaborations.

To get more updates on his music and lifestyle people can get in touch with him on Facebook & Instagram.