"I Feel Like Dropping a Diss Track Bewarned Shiri Dzangu Dze Hwange"

In a recent interview with Nust FM, wrapping up the conversation, Joseph Kanjanga, also known as The Hwange Prince, expressed his desire to release a Diss Track. During the interview, The Hwange Prince shared his motivations behind the release of his impressive Rap Freestyle, 23FREESTYLE.

He also revealed that he initially started rapping for God before transitioning into trap music. The artist mentioned his longstanding 13-year friendship with Mickey Morten and how he became friends with ReezyBouy, who is popularly known as the Ndebele Icon, as well as their musical journey together. JJ O'Malley further announced that he is set to bring the heat this summer as he plans to drop more hits with ReezyBouy (Nasty Socks) and collaborate with various artists.

In his own words, he confidently stated, "Vaya vayigaira kut ndezve Fake mirai muone tafura ratakagadzirirwa naMwari Pamberi Apo"!!, which translates to "Those who doubted us due to their fakeness, watch and see how we were blessed by God. Move forward!"