Life Of A Simp

Life Of A Simp

Tinashe was falling for Nancy, the girl who worked across the street. Nancy had the smoothest skin I've ever seen. Her smile would drive one crazy and her voice would make you drool while she was talking to you. Tinashe wanted to take his chances. He passed his shot and, well, he was a handsome, dark-skinned, fine young man with a stable job who would dress to kill no matter the day or function, so Nancy gave him a shot.

After 2 dates, Nancy said to Tinashe, "I would want us to date and give this a try, but eish, the belly you are developing is not so charming." Nancy was his choice, regardless of the cost.

Tinashe wanted to start jogging, but unfortunately, his mornings were already busy as he'd need to read personal development books, pray, and also needed to beat traffic to get to work on time. So he started to wake up at 0430 hrs. However, every time he didn't get the time to eat his breakfast.

As a person who was working out to lose some flesh, he was supposed to get a heavy breakfast and then burn those carbs during the day, but he couldn't make it. So when he shared this with Nancy over dinner, when she was commending him, Nancy then sympathised with him and then quickly remembered that he had seen a post somewhere on Facebook about an online breakfast restaurant called Tasty Trails where one would place an order and they would deliver when and where you wanted them to.

Nancy quickly went on Facebook and searched for Tasty Trails Zw and they found the page. The food posted looked amazing. Tinashe took a look at the menu and price list. Without hesitation, he took the number +263782974806 and called. He placed his order and actually made a plan to make a breakfast subscription where he'd pay for his breakfasts in advance. Since that day, Tinashe's mornings have been awesome, and yes, he scooped Nancy and they are expecting a baby girl soon.

For all your high-end breakfast packs get in touch with Tasty Trails on +263782974806 or Tasty Trails Zw on social media.