Pamangoma Ini Music Video Dropping Soon

Pamangoma Ini Music Video Dropping Soon

Pistol Fire is a Dancehall artist emerging from Ruwa. His real name is Clive Mudzurahona. They always say don't ever judge a book by its cover the same applies to this artist.Don't let his stature fool you, as you know dynamites come in small packages Pistol Fire is a short artist but if you are to  listen to his music the opposite becomes true.

He spits fire blazing lyrics which can topple a giant as his name says Pistol Fire is always ready for the war (musically) given any beat he will jump on it like a cowboy taming a fresh horse. He has been in the industry for a while and he belongs to the HMG (Hurricane Music Group) stable.

He has a number of tracks that brought him to limelight at a very tender age the likes of Mudhara Fombo, Handichabatika, l Wonder and Naughty Gal .The artist is not just a helmet type of beat artist as he has several songs on afro beats as well.

He has  worked with producers like Benny B, Rockers Mix, 6IX Beats,L flavor Honeymoon record and Geormal to mention but a few.Pistol Fire is ready to work with any producer in and out of Zimbabwe.On his bucket list there is Oskid, Chillspot and Jusa.

He is yet to release Pamangoma Ini Video which he worked with Hurricane Films on a song Produced by  6IX Beats. Expect the visuals  on the 13th April on his Youtube account and also follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

Whilst we wait for the release of Pamangoma Ini Video.Enjoy some of his singles below.

Turn Me On


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