Prophet Passion vs Holy 10 takes an interesting twist

Prophet Passion vs Holy 10 takes an interesting twist

The feud between flamboyant Prophet and entertainment mogul Passion Java of Passion Java Records and Hip Hop artist has taken a crazy turn as Passion alleges Holy 10 is behind the taking down of his recent animation video on YouTube.

The song in question is Mungamudaro Here aka room 302 which is a comical rendition of the recent scandal involving Holy 10's current girlfriend Kimberly Richards. Kim was spotted with another man having breakfast at an undisclosed N1 Hotel branch with keys to room 302 visible. 

In a Facebook post Passion takes a dig at the  biggest Hip Hop in artist in the country by refering  to Him  as Tsina 10. He goes on to add that Holly did so because he was jealous of the song which was obviously doing well by hitting 1 Million views a day after its release and was trending both in Zim and South Africa.

Holy 10 has not responded to the allegations yet or made a statement. This is a developing story, more updates to follow.


The video has been restored check it out here