Tambirai Otambiswa part 5

Tambirai Otambiswa part 5

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Semunhu who wasn't too interested in relationships. Tambi was meeting Zva for lunch. Purely zviri friendly. Anga ari maFriendly match. So mungu got along with his afternoon easy Friday. Texted her for the nitty gritties to get the details of lunch out of the way. He had offered to pick up Zva, since they lived nearby. And since Zva had suggested to pay for her own lunch. Zva then firm said no. And offered to pick Tambi up iye. And semunhu wemurume, that was very suspicious. Very odd. So Tambidzaishe called one of his friends to stand back up If he'd need a lift home. You never know with women really. 

Saturday morning came, semunhu anga ane madealings, bla T vakabva vabuda earlaz. Tryna make ends meet. Akapedza madhiri ake later than expected saka vakabva vamhanya kumba to change and get ready to get picked up by Zva. Lunch spot was picked by ma'am. It was a cute little place near Samora, in Highlands. She was punctual. They'd agreed kuti she'd pick him up na 12:30. Na 12:28 bhero rakarira kugedhi. Tambi semunhu anogara nana momz had to say it's one of his friend's had come to pick him and team yakabaiwa, so they wouldn't bother him kuti apinde avamhorese. In his mind she probably would leave him midway and he'd be brought back naMike, who'd then get in and say hi to them.

He got in to her car, offered to chauffeur her. She refused again. Then proceeded to drive naye mukomana to the lunch spot. He was in control of the music. The drive was good. They made jokes and laughed chii chii.

You know where the danger is? The danger is there by feelings. Catching them when you have no intentions of using them. Shem. 

They got to lunch. Tambi ordered his food, Zva ordered hers. They ate and they talked so far so good. Bill came and to his amazement. She had said it hake. Mwana weVhu paid her own bill. [Mukomana avabva abva pachair he was now staring at the pool that was love, wondering kuti, opinda netsoka here, nemusoro here. Kushallow here kana opinda nekuDeep onyura hake?] 
These choices are made by the heart. So he had to negotiate with his heart kuti vamboyeve mvura vasati vambofunga zvekupinda. 

Now that the bill was paid, Zva asked a very important qweshen. "Do you want to go home now? Or we can look for something else to do before i drop you home?"
Tambi akambomira kuita zvehuCool nigga zvake. 

"What are the options?"

Love stories are overrated. But here's one I'll write with my entire chest.

They ended up going to Ballantyne park. Let their inner children come out to play before heading home. Part 6 will predominantly be Tambi talking to his heart

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