The Day My Bae Introduced Me To Her Bae

The day my bae introduced me to her bae

The Day My Bae Introduced Me To Her Bae

Eish makore acho anotopfuura 5 since it happened but it still bothers me. I was in high school, Upper 6 to be precise, doing all sorts of stuff normal teenagers do. I was convinced I was dating the prettiest girl on school and no one would ever take her away from me. Mwana iyeye aibhilivhisa ndati.

She was all about me like i was her hobby, hyped me up in class and in public. We were the it couple of the whole school even my class teacher would use me as an epitome of "vapfanha vanopedza masports."

Fast forward, one day all A Level students stayed behind for a study session. We were supposed to meet after school that day but because of the study session I had to take a raincheck . She texted "i miss you! I have to see you now." Ndakafara jentrumen, i even showed the text to my classmates ndichidada kuti love is a beautiful thing.

Moments later she texted and I went over to see her. She was looking beautiful as usual and me being a territorial being that I am i grabbed her by the waist and walked with her slowly around school kuti vanhu vaone ndewangu. Anyways, we chilled outside the school gate tichiudzana ma sweet nothing sevanhu vanga vasuwana.

Pakazobudikira this other guy. Most people hated him so I didn't even consider him a threat. But to my surprise my girlfriend jumped akamhanya and hugged the guy in a way which was way too uncomfortable for me.

I ignored it at first. Its a just hug after all. The guy went on to kiss my girlfriend on the chick. Now, that's next level disrespect but then again I kept my cool. Ko pamwe ndibesty vake. In all honesty, I hadn't seen my girl this happy before. There was palpable attraction between the two, but I refused to be one of those jealous boyfriends vanonzi vanotsamwira zvisina basa. So ndakasiyana nazvo.

They walked slowly to where I was standing and the girl said "Hassan, this is Munya my boyfriend. Munya, uyu ndi Hassan ka brother kangu." I felt the sky falling on my feet, dark clouds pelting my bald head with hailstones, the earth dragging me doing with it into the pits of hell as my heart broke into little, tiny pieces.

I tried holding back my tears, tried to act like a man but the pain was too much. Akadi hake kuti friend, zvirinani hazvo ndaizonzwisisa kuti ndiri side dude. But no, nooo jentrumen.. She decided to bro zone me. To make matters worse people were watching and the whole school knew what had transpired in a couple minutes.

I couldn't face my class mates after what had happened. So I just took my blazer and went home. I left most of my things in our class and my friend had to take them home with him. I was too ashamed and heart broken I had to transfer schools.