The refinery of creativity pt.1

The refinery of creativity pt.1

I live in the land of creatives. I consider it the world's cradle of creativity. From Ancient sculptures to present sculptures. The metamorphosis of the art that takes form in our hands. I was unable to watch the NAMA awards live. I did manage to watch the performances on YouTube though. How Nyasha David and Nutty O captivated the crowd with Nyasha's voice control and Nutty O's charisma and stage presence. The supporting vocalists kept me engaged and interested in the performance. 

The Soul Jah Love tribute gave me goosebumps. A testiment of how his music, and the aura of it lives on till this day. He pioneered a sound, a flow and a rhyme scheme no one can replicate.  It's from this stencil we've come to love Zimdancehall. Please give our stars their flowers whilst they're still with us. Acknowledge their art because they make their craft for us. These are our voices amplified. Through music, youtube videos, paintings, photography and poetry. Social commentary in every form. 

Personally I've found it as a means of comfort. Hearing and seeing what's on my mind on public display. A voice for the voiceless. We've got talented creatives out there. Both in Zimbabwe and out of Zimbabwe, past and present. The Dambudzo Marechera's taking form. Reincarnated into writer's like Tudzaa, Wisdom Nyareyebani and Shingai Mutonda. Stand up artists like LongJohn, Tanaka Shumba and King Kandoro. 

Music artists from mainstream to those who deserve to be on the same platform. From Nutty O to Dough Major. Voltz JT to Paintafresco. P.Ush to Naashe. Holy Ten to Farai Nigel, Awakhiwe to Laura Bonginkosi. These are people who've refined they're crafts. Truly amazing artists in their own right. And it's time we start making sure that the entertainment they give us does not go unnoticed. The amount of work they put in their craft gets to see the light of day. 

I am truly proud to be alive to witness the pioneers of a creative revolution in Zimbabwe. Special mention goes to AndreTheGafa(Visual Arts), Vongai Chirove(Poet), itsPfungwa(Poet), JoyRukanza(Musician), Malcom Mufunde(Musician), Liam Leezy(Musician) and Rumbi Mundeta(Musician). Continue making the music that forms the soundtrack to our happiness, sadness and documentation to our struggle.