Treville Escobar Drops New Vidz 'Unstoppable'

Treville Escobar Drops New Vidz 'Unstoppable'

Treville Escobar has not slowed down with the releases in 2021 and shares his brand-new single & video “UNSTOPPABLE” directed by Leoy V & produced by Coco Productions, December 12th.

Treville Escobar is more than ready to celebrate into the last part of 2021 and is excited for this release, saying "My last single ‘Hakuna Bho’ did well got over 4 thousand streams, that’s why I wanted this to be directed by Leoy V as he is the best in Chi-Town.''

Leoy V is well known for Directing in the country’s biggest video including the likes of Kure Kure by Ishan & Ti Gonzi

Treville Escobar’s recent releases open up a new chapter for his after last year's, his first single EP. He did a video from the EP & did pretty well numbers he went on dropping another video grabs more streams than the last one which is a bigger growth. He shared stage with Pro Beatz, Voltz JT, Scrip Mula, Extra Large, Jah Signal, Trevor Dongo + MORE.

Stream UNSTOPPABLE below