Heaven's Conversation

Heaven's Conversation

I told the stars about you,
They listened and,
Decided to colour the sky with your image. 
We call them the northern lights.
I see it beauty personified. 
Replica of my queen.
A sight for sore eyes.
Your mere presence the cure to blindness. 
Your heart too pure, filled with kindness amongst other things.
How could i not tell the stars about the marvel that unfroze a frost giant's heart?

I told the stars about you 
They listened and;
They told me all about your smile.
So bright, it dims northern lights.
I see you, even when everyone else is blind
I hold your heart in my chest's pocket.
Heavenly sight;
Your mere presence brings me to life.
I love to walk miles around your mind
How could I not tell the stars about the man who entered my life and made the rest of the world disappear?

I told the stars about you. 
They relayed my message to Cupid. He's been doing a shit job lately. 
I had to find you without an arrow in sight. 
I told the heaven's about a heavenly presence on this earth. 
She breathes the same air as i do. But there's a different type of element present in the exhale. 
Can't tell what it is. 
It calms me. 

I told the stars about you,
Spoke in the most earnest of ways
Spoke like a sorrowful man under sorry weather
When under my skin I held the darkest intentions
I told, of how I'd been subject to wanderlust,
And how you stood in my way
I spoke, about the girl that had my head and heart locked in a lock
And told also, of how you stood between her and myself
I told the stars about you, my friend and worthy foe
If wishes were horses, then right now I'd be riding a stallion
But if the shooting star does not bring me appeasement,
I swear I'll shoot you myself.

A TRIO's Effort