Introducing Rodney Lee Also Known As “Muzukuru wa Bruce Lee”

Introducing Rodney Lee Also Known As “Muzukuru wa Bruce Lee”

Full Birth Name Rodney Lee Mupitirira , he's a Zimbabwean rapper & songwriter based in Gweru.He is currently doing his studies at the University of Zimbabwe.

He has a versatile music style which is a fusion mainly of Zimhiphop,RnB and Afropop.You can tell that he’s heavily influenced by Drake although he has his own fresh and original sound.

My aim is to create a diverse sound that represents us, Zimbabweans, and like any other artist he aspires to take our music industry as further as possible, with the hope that it will get more recognition internationally.


His debut single Chitsoma is an AfroDancehall fusion with Major Lazer influences in-terms of its production. Chitsoma is slang for someone who is constantly nagging for attention to a point where it becomes too annoying and makes that person come off as way too needy.In short Chitsoma munhu anoita chinamira kkkk.The track was produced ,mixed and mastered by Afrow Zenda at Sokowe MG.


Record Label

Rodney is currently signed to Sokowe MG in his words he says “I started working with Sokowe MG in 2018 as an individual artist and from there we recorded several projects. After working with Sokowe Mg for the past few years, I got affiliated and signed to Sokowe Mg officially which was a major step towards my career as artist. It's safe to say that Sokowe Mg realized the potential in me as an artist and I'm very excited to be part of what Sokowe Mg stands for.”

Future Projects

​​​​He has a couple of follow up singles coming after Chitsoma and is also currently working on his debut Ep which will be released later on this Year.The goal is to collaborate and grow as much as possible as an artist.

Checkout Chitsoma on: