Majer Majer Drops New Controversial Trck

Majer Majer Drops New Controversial Trck

Upcoming Trapsoul Artist Majer Majer (real name Major Peace Marunza) has released his debut track titled Wandoda Ndomuziva.The track has sent tounges wagging as some people see it as an honest message which needs to be relayed in today’s relationships while some have called it rude and insensitive.

Song Concept 
In short the song is expressing a guy who is telling his current girlfriend that she is not his true love and that there’s someone else he would rather be with should the opportunity arise.You have to admit, it takes guts to something like that in someone’s face.

The song was Co written and Produced by Afrow Zenda of Sokowe MG who also features as well. 

Majer Majer is currently working on more singles building up to the release of his debut EP. The Project will be released under Sokowe MG as Majer Majer has partnered with them for his current and future Musical Ventures.