A Cry for Creatives

A Cry for Creatives

This won't be the last time a writer has written about this. I'm a creative too. So i have some form of depth on this conversation. 

But maZimba makaoma mhani.

Everywhere you go. Every other country supports their artists before they pop. But how do we have to wait for an artist to pop before they start getting the attention? Why? I’m going to name drop a lot of amazing artists, some you know because of how talented they are, others with talent and still grinding to their absolute grits trying to find those who appreciate their art.

Yes, I’ve got to admit the Zimbabwean arts industry hasn’t done enough to help creatives. I don’t even know if it exists at this point. We’ve become a nation of Red Cross certified individuals, never having time to relax. And take in the beauty this country has, the diversity of creation this country has. Despite the marketing for Veza, a Zimbabwean production made in Bulawayo. How many people can attest to watching it? Our arts industry is on us. The number of creatives trying to revive the dead horse that is our arts. A little appreciation goes a long way. Gives us energy to keep creating, to keep pouring our colours into the world, instead of dying with so many projects in our notes.

MBEU is one of Zimbabwe’s most versatile artists, how many of you have bothered to follow his socials? Check on his work, check up on him? Here’s another, Mandla Kaseke. Pioneer in the Zimbabwean fashion industry. Most stylish person I’ve come across at least. A little appreciation goes a long way. Creating spaces for exchanging ideas, working together on projects. Things we could do to push forward our culture as a country to the global stage. How many Zimbabwean Youtubers have you tried to watch? How many have you subscribed to? How many align to your personal brand as a human.

Segue – Voltz said, “ Mastreets arikupisa pasina, Suhn, Ma1”
That went above a lot of heads because they don’t know who Suhn is and then you won’t understand why Suhn arima1.

This is a shoutout to the one’s carving out paths for us in their different respective areas. Gaxx, Suhn, Voltz JT, Godfrey Tafi, Denim Woods, Holy Ten, Mark Ngwazi, Synik, P.Ush…etc, . I know I’ve put a majority male musicians, and I admit my scope is EXTREMLY  limited. Showing how far we have to go as a nation. It’s not going to be easy but ndozviripo. Tongosundana navo mabhara asina mavhiri but the goal is in our sights, we just need to keep pushing.

“We glamourise people who do nothing and call them celebrities, whilst the real celebrities suffer” 

I want to bring this closer to home, to my heart, I am by no means an article writer, variko vanonyora better than I am. Article wise. I’m a poet, I might not be a good one, that’s for you to judge. But the fact that I can count on my hand the amount of people who appreciating my art on my hand. Even though I grinded tirelessly for a good two years. No feedback, not even we don’t like you writing. I would have had a bruised ego yes. But knowing someone took their time off, from the troubles we face constantly as a nation. Damn, I’d have teared up. I’m not looking for fame, just enough people to be able to relate to me.