Teacher Appreciation Post

Teacher Appreciation Post
Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

I met one of my primary school teachers this other day. We did not talk for long but in those few minutes, She was exactly as I remember her; soft, concerned, and open. Even after all these years, I felt like a child in her class again. My mind raced back to those days when she would check on all of us, she would probe my sadness, would cheer us up. If you missed school she would follow up. So full of love. 

If we are, to be honest, Teachers deserve to be appreciated more. Teachers' salaries are not what they should be Juxtaposed to their dedication and effort. Yet they tirelessly deliver on their promise. 

Besides the usual mantra that teachers inspire for generations. Teachers create open environments for children, environments where kids can trust them, and communicate their feelings and emotions. Most kids feel safer in the classroom with their teachers than in their own homes with parents or guardians because the teachers make them feel that way. 

Teachers are concerned. Teachers care, to them spending time with our children is not just a job, to them it's not just another class. To them, it's a community. The pupils become her family, her responsibility. In a class of 40-50, a teacher will look at a face and immediately know something is wrong back home.

I'm sure most of us have heard these words:"After class, stay behind I want to talk to you. Are you OK? Is something wrong? Why are you sad?"  All the little things. 

Teachers know our kids more than we do. They know their feelings, and their emotions more than we do. Teachers raise our kids for us. We need to show them love. 

Comment and tag a teacher you know. Show them appreciation.