Tiro19 is set to drop a fire EP titled 'Reflections'

Tiro19 is set to drop a fire EP titled 'Reflections'

Tiro19 is an upcoming Afrobeats artiste based in Harare. His real name is Padington Tatenda Kanembiri. He was born and bred in Harare. He ventured into music in 2019 but started recording as a professional artiste in February 2023. He is currently working on an EP titled 'reflections' which is set for phased release starting July 2023. 

Interest in Music

Tiro has always been a music fanatic since tender age. However, he never imagined himself venturing into the music industry as a mainstream artiste because he dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. In 2019, upon completion of his university studies at Midlands State University, he discovered his music writing and composing talent with the help of his Cousin brother, who now is his manager. In  2019 he featured his cousin brother Simplaz on his first ever studio recorded track 'Ndabaiwa Moyo". Even though the track was a trial run to put his abilities to a test, 'Ndabaiwa Moyo' received a warm welcome and positive feedback from close friends and family members. This became a key source of encouragement to take music seriously. Thus we co-founded Nextphase music which is open to all artiste who wish to take music to another level.

In Jan 2023, after a long break from music, Tiro started recording as a professional artiste. He is currently working on an EP titled 'Reflections'. The EP features tracks that reflect on various social issues including life's hardships,  heartbreaks, hope etc. Tiro worked with both upcoming and prominent producers among which the most notable ones include Cashlibs City,  Sunshine Family and Rare Music. The EP is set for phased release beginning July 2023.

Apart from music, Tiro is also a football fanatic. He plays social football having failed to break into the professional football scene. He is also an aspiring academic as he is pursuing his postgraduate studies with University of Pretoria.

As an upcomming artise i wish to work with prominent musicians and any other artiste who so wishes,thus i am open for collaborations - Tiro19

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