Life pa College 2 : I Love her

Life pa College is a series of fictional stories based on different accounts of how people become ‘broken' in society's terms told in different styles. Characters in these stories are fictional. Any similarities of characters and events in this stories to that of real life is purely coincidental.

Life pa College 2 : I Love her

She is amazing, her smile... Her smile is one of the best. Ndikamutarisa I always melt and freeze. She has beautiful black eyes which pierce warmth in my heart. Her lips curved like the horizon at dusk and her skin smooth as the waters of Zambezi. There is something about the way she always carries herself apa anonhuwirira like a rose. She is a flower, my beautiful lily in the meadow. Her breasts raising upwards like a cell tower and having hips like the conjoined mountains of Inyanga. My apologies, I got carried away trying to give you an idea of how she looks like.

She is not mine though but we're on talking terms. I always notice how she smiles when we happen to coincidentally stare at each other in a lecture. She then blushes as her beautiful radiating shines. I have made a choice to tell her. It's 1830hrs, my friends have gone to the pub to be intimate with their partners- beer or as they do say... Bhule, but I have ditched them. As I walk along the dark streets of our student rez many thoughts cross my mind. Will she say yes, are we really going to work?

I only knock once and she says enter, she has been expecting me despite telling her as a joke that I will come to see her after school. It's a single room, too small to even fit a calf. Naughty thoughts intransigently awaken male hormones in me. I sit beside her on the bed, well I can't help but notice a suitcase of her beautiful underwear. Well I haven't seen my male friends with such many underwear clothing neither have I ever seen any of my female friends. We talk, she laughs at every joke I make.

Her accent changes as she starts flirting. I hit her with the three little words (I LOVE YOU) she freezes and sighs, “Jimmy you are handsome, smart and adorable. But love won't last with those qualities. I need a man who can't take care of me financially, it's not personal, it's just what it...” I won't let her finish her speech, down the road I go with tears streaming down my eyes. Lucky for me I have colleagues, lucky for me I have someone who truly loves me. I open her up and harshly kiss her cold open hole as she oozes the alcoholic juices in her directly down my throat. Beer, I love her!