Redefined Concert Makes History:Goat Debate Continues

Redefined Concert Makes History:Goat Debate Continues

In a show which was the first of its kind(hopefully not the last) Gateway Stream gave fans arguably 3 of the best artists in Zim right now on the same stage. In what was a memorable night, thousands came out despite the piercingly cold June weather to support the big three of Winky D, Jah Prayzah and Nutty O. 

This even sparked the debate on who is a better artist between Winky D and Jah Prayzah which has been trending all weekend. This has been reignited following stellar performances by both stars at the recently held Redefined Concert. Fans of both artists were left longing for more as they both delivered flawless sets at the full packed HICC.

It was an unforgettable night which also had fast rising dancehall sensation Nutty O setting the mood for business. The artist was first on stage showcasing his prowess and stamina on stage. The ABX singer belted out hit after hit while backed by the never disappointing Shabach Band. The crowd which numbered in thousands enjoyed some singalongs from his acclaimed offering THE MUSTARD SEED.

 Between sets we had the unstoppable duo of Abisha Palmer and DJ Iroq serenade the crowd with a surreal selection of hitsongs. They kept the crowd on their feet together with radios favourite personality KVG who was co host.

Winky D followed next in the performance line up. He had the whole crowd as his personal choir and on its feet the entire time. His selection brought old time hits and certainly sparked fond memories with the fans who relished every moment.

Jah Prayzah was on stage last to close off the night. The mbira player displayed his talent on the instrument and the 3rd Gen dancers were a spectacle to behold.

The performance had to be cut short due to Covid regulations, but the fans had received a fair dosage. Maybe if the show had started earlier as advertised justice would have been delivered.

The fans found their way out, all the time arguing who was the fairer artist, certainly this debate is not dying anytime soon.