Unleash Your Inner Reaper & Experience REAP3R's Mind-Blowing 'ReminderEP' Now

30. 09. 2023: "Reminder" - Now available on all streaming platforms! produced by Boy Tricky Mixed & Mastered by VI the Law

Unleash Your Inner Reaper & Experience REAP3R's Mind-Blowing 'ReminderEP' Now
Artwork by Panashesketches
Unleash Your Inner Reaper & Experience REAP3R's Mind-Blowing 'ReminderEP' Now

Prepare to be blown away as REAP3R unleashes his highly anticipated EP, "Reminder," onto the music scene. Following the massive success of "To Whom It May Concern" released  11 May 2023 and "VIBRATE NRVANA," released 10 August 2023 . REAP3R takes his artistry to new heights with this captivating collection of tracks.

What sets "Reminder" apart from its predecessors is a fresh twist that embraces REAP3R's unapologetic swagger and magnetic energy. Breaking free from the norm, this EP acts as a powerful reminder of the artist's evolution and determination to conquer the industry.

With meticulous attention to detail, REAP3R collaborates once again with the brilliant VI The Law, the mastermind behind NRVANA LABS, to ensure each track is a sonic masterpiece. Complementing the EP's auditory brilliance, the stunning artwork by Panashe Sketches adds an immersive visual experience that gives life to REAP3R's musical vision.

Within the confines of "Reminder," listeners are treated to two explosive tracks titled "REMIND 'EM." & " Baroda" . These songs serve as a mesmerizing showcase of REAP3R's lyrical virtuoso and undeniable charm. With witty wordplay and observational raps delivered flawlessly, they embody the essence of REAP3R's talent and artistic brilliance.

Excitingly, "Reminder" is now available on all major streaming platforms, providing fans and newcomers alike the chance to immerse themselves in REAP3R's captivating universe. As you delve into the EP's enthralling beats and thought-provoking lyrics, you'll be transported to a realm where creativity knows no bounds.

This release holds an even deeper significance as it coincides with REAP3R's birthday on September 30, 2023. It's a celebration of a new chapter in his life and a testament to his unwavering commitment to crafting music that leaves a lasting impact.

The project was produced by legendary producer Boy Tricky and perfected (mixed and mastered) by the skilled hands of Vi the Law. The combination of their expertise brought the project to new heights, resulting in a polished and professional final product. We are grateful to these talented individuals for their contributions to the project.

The EP is only 4 minutes and 38 seconds long, but it will stay with you for 40 minutes and beyond. It's not just something you'll listen to once and forget - this is music that will stay with you, making you want to hit replay again and again."

Giving it a 4/5 rating "Reminder" is a unique and enthralling musical journey that showcases REAP3R's growth as an artist, while showcasing his fearless attitude and captivating style. Don't miss out on this sensational EP - unleash your inner reaper and experience the mind-blowing brilliance of "Reminder" on your favorite streaming platforms today!