The Day l Got Stood Up

The Day l Got Stood Up

So l linked up with this lady in a music WhatsApp group. Conversations started inside the group and finally the DM.

The conversations were great l enjoyed them. So she told me that she cribbed in Borrowdale a low density suburb.l was surprised did my research, and it turned out to be true.

A month passed, and we were still chatting in the DM, exchanging pics and voice notes. She was beautiful, and her voice was one of a kind.

After some time we decided to link up physically in town. The day to link up arrived. I wore my best clothes. A black cap, some chains, a Black Effect t-shirt and a black skinny jean.

On my way to the bus stop. Many people were looking at me l guess they were amazed by what l was wearing. I saw a Kombi approaching me and the conductor was shouting "Copacabana Town." Waved at the Kombi signalling that l m going to town.

Entered the high roof Kombi and along the way my heart was pounding hard and fast l couldn't wait to see her. Within 30 minutes we were in town. Then l called the lady, and she said that she will be in town after 20 minutes.

Waited for her at Joina City then decided to play some games and the internet in talk city internet café.

One hour passed, 2 hours passed she hadn't arrived. Tried to call her again and the call went straight to voice mail. I started to have that feeling that she wasn't going to come.

My stomach began to rumble indicating that I was now hungry. Entered Chicken Slice bought 2 Slicers & some drinking water and feasted.

I tried to call her again, and she didn't respond. I was hurt and bought three boxes of pizza. After sometime l went back home l had waited for such a long time, and she didn't turn up l was exhausted.

I got home still angry at her then I checked my messages and behold, she had the audacity to text me with excuses about why she couldn't come.

I couldn't take it anymore l just blocked her.

The End