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It’s no secret i live both in the ghetto and on X / Twitter! My dual existence allows me to share with you all my experiences on both these streets. Musazonyanye kuisa muhana zvandinonyora kuno ndezvekupenga hazvo marara andonyora aya hazvina kana nemusorowese. #BoringContent

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Mile Akadonhedza Vhidhiyo Rinopisa

Lionel Mhike also known as MILE, acronym for "Make It Look Easy", is a diverse RnB/HIPHOP/Soul Singer-Songwriter. Raised in Havana,...

Mumhanzi Ne Zvimwewo

Kinzman Samaz Adonhedza Trck Nyowani

Kinzman Samaz is a Christian Hip Hop artist based in Mutare. He started music in 2015 and has done some collaborations with artist...

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